Leather Label

Leather Label; physical information, Brand information, information about the type of fabric wash products features and instructions for use on the model a tag with information such as a cardboard rope, ribbon, twine or plastic that minimizes the distortion with the aspect eklene know than products are often preferred. Leather label is a type of label obtained by printing on the skin.

It is a type of label that was revealed on genuine leather using printing techniques. They are prepared using laser, gilding, burning and frequency techniques.
Although leather label prices vary based on many factors, textile is a sector that is often used when considering leather labels.

Why Leather Label?

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Leather Label Models


Özak Label

As a label, we offer leather label models to the taste of our customers with different designs that we make. All leather label models mentioned below are available in our production. In addition, the fact that production is carried out by US provides convenience for our customers both in terms of price and supply.

Major leather label models;

Frequency printing leather label
Foil printing leather label
Silk screen printing leather label
Metal leather label
Burning leather label
Embossed leather label
Artificial leather label

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Leather label models began to increase rapidly with the emergence of different approaches.

These leather labels, which are already used in the entire textile sector, will continue to be used for many years without losing their popularity…

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